Friday, July 25, 2008

# 6 (Week 2): Create a blog post about anything technology related that interests you this week

Discovery Exercise (#6):

1. Add a post to your blog about anything technology related. Yes, it can be anything that relates to technology! You just need to share a few thoughts.

For example: I like digital cameras because it's much easier to share photos with family and friends and especially now that I have a Flickr account. Services like Skype let me talk with friends through our computers. Technology advancements for music, medical equipment, etc. Video Games, iTunes, iPods, Flatscreen televisions, etc.

2. Use your Gmail account to email with a link to your blog post. Please put Exercise #6 in the subject heading.

PS: Also be sure to add at least one comment to another participant's blog. That's what online communities are all about - connecting and communication.

1 comment:

madmothette said...

My comment about technology relates to a visit I had to the opthmologist to have an eye check.The equipment used to measure the eyes is amazing. The technology used in the medical field is almost unbelievable.I am very grateful its available and my eyes will be well cared for in the future. No comparison to the technology or lack of for our grandparents.Technology and the www has opened up the world to everyone.